Viral Hepatitis
Invasive Fungal Disease

Supporting Health Action for Patient Empowerment

The goSHAPE grants programme supports the development, exploration and dissemination of new ideas which generate and promote best practice in the delivery of patient care through innovative and reproducible models in Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

The initiative will be supported by a budget of up to £1.5 million (allowing up to £500,000 for HIV, £600,000 for viral hepatitis, £200,000 for invasive fungal disease, and £200,000 for hematology/oncology and inflammation/respiratory), which will be allocated to individual organisations or groups of healthcare providers such as hospitals, academic institutions, clinics or patient organisations based on clearly defined selection criteria.

Grants will be awarded to eligible projects that have an international impact across the eligible countries and will provide significant opportunities for healthcare professionals and providers to build a platform for conducting and disseminating best practice.

Gilead strives to transform and simplify care for patients and is inspired by the opportunity to improve the unmet medical needs for people living with life-threatening diseases around the world. Our portfolio of products and pipeline of investigational drugs includes treatments for HIV, viral hepatitis, cancer and inflammation, serious respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Gilead has close collaborations with partners in science, academia and local communities which are central to our work. Our team of researchers and partners create innovative medicines that advance the treatment of serious medical conditions. However, we believe that improving health requires more than scientific discovery. As we grow as a company, so does our responsibility to patients and communities.